EWG Breeding Methods - Workshop on Hybrid Wheat

February 6 - 2019 (All day)
University of Hohenheim,


This workshop aims to gather actors from public and private sector already involved or planning to develop hybrid programs to discuss these challenges, identify lock-in in knowledges and possibly organize future cooperative programmes on hybrid wheat breeding.



AGENDA (subject to change)

Wednesday, 6 February 2019



09h00 Scene setting and the aims of the workshop (Chris B/ Chris T)

Hybrid wheat in practice

  • 09h15 Volker L (Independent Expert): Historical Overview about hybrid wheat breeding
  • 09h35 Thierry M (Hybrid wheat breeder ASUR) and Mario G(Hybrid wheat breeder Nordsaat): ASUR’s and Nordsaat ‘s experience in hybrid wheat breeding


Heterosis in wheat

  • 10h00 Heterosis for grain yield and other traits in Central European Germplasm. (Patrick Thorwarth, University of Hohenheim)
  • 10h25 Heterosis and the need for hybrid wheat from a U.S. perspective (Stephen Baenzinger, University of Nebraska)

Coffee break 10h50 – 11h10

Morning cont’

Heterosis in wheat (cont’)

  • 11h10 Heterosis and perspectives for hybrid durum wheat (Friedrich L, University of Hohenheim)
  • 11h35 Genetic distance and hybrid wheat breeding: how diverse should we get? (Philipp B, Limagrain)


CMS systems and sterility restoration

  • 12h00 Mapping for restorer genes in the CMStimophevii background (Manuel G, Bayrische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft, Freising)
  • 12h25 Characterization and resequencing of the RFLPPR gene family as a source of markers and candidate genes for Rf genes in wheat (Nils S, IPK Gatersleben)
  • 12h40 CMS hybrid breeding at CIMMYT (Bhoja R Ba, CIMMYT)

Lunch 13h05 – 14h00



CMS systems and sterility restoration (cont’)

  • 14h00 CMS hybrid wheat breeding at Syngenta (Yann M, Syngenta)


What can we learn from other cereals?

  • 14h25 Hybrid barley (Gunther S, Syngenta)
  • 14h50 Hybrid rye (Thomas M, University of Hohenheim)


Coffee break 15h40-16h00


Floral biology

  • 15h15 Genetic architecture of anther extrusion in wheat and its implications for hybrid wheat production (Tobias W, University of Hohenheim)
  • 15h50 The use of wheat/wild relative introgressions for hybrid wheat (Julie K Univ Nottingham)


Breeding schemes

  • 16h25 Reciprocal recurrent genomic selection – an attractive tool to leverage hybrid wheat breeding (Jochen R, IPK Gatersleben)


Summing up and general discussion

16h50-17h30 What are the areas for research and what are the next steps? (Chris B. / Chris T.)


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