Vision & mission

The Wheat Initiative aims to encourage and support the development of a vibrant global public-private research community sharing resources, capabilities, data and ideas to improve wheat productivity, quality and sustainable production around the world.

To answer the challenges of wheat research internationally, the Wheat Initiative:

  • Develops a global strategic agenda for wheat research through the identification of priorities and challenges beyond the capacity of single research groups and countries, which can best be addressed by international coordination and collaboration between researchers, research institutions and funding arrangements
  • Encourages efficient investment in wheat research based on the capabilities of, and synergies among, national and international programmes
  • Initiates the development of new collaborative programmes and coordinated actions across developing and developed countries
  • Develops and coordinates knowledge sharing amongst the international wheat community

  • Improves access of all to resources, services and facilities
  • Supports education of students and life-long learning of wheat researchers and farmers
  • Stimulates public-private collaborations