Wheat Research Coordination

The Wheat Initiative coordinates worldwide research efforts in the fields of wheat genetics, genomics, physiology, breeding and agronomy.

All wheat producing countries share the need to increase wheat yield, tolerance to abiotic stresses, pathogens and pests, as well as to improve input use efficiency for a more sustainable wheat production. Improved agronomic practises and development of innovative cropping systems are also a priority.

The Wheat Initiative provides a forum to facilitate communication between research groups and organisations worldwide.

It identifies potential synergies and encourage collaborations among major existing or emerging wheat research programmes (regional, national, international, public or private). It also supports the development of publicly available integrated databases and platforms and establishes and periodically updates priorities for wheat research of global relevance.

The Wheat Initiative aims to foster communication between the research community, funders and global policy makers at the international level to meet their research and development goals.

Achieving the following will hopefully secure and enhance long term funding of wheat research in support of global well-being:

  • Better understanding of the strategic orientations and funding needs as recommended by the research community
  • Improved knowledge among the funders of their current research and development investments and future plans
  • Opportunity to work together