Cereals DB Workshop

September 18 - 2018 (All day) to September 19 - 2018 (All day)
University of Bristol,
Life Science Building
Bristol UK
United Kingdom

The Cereal genomics group at the University of Bristol are hosting a two-day bioinformatics workshop focussing on the CerealsDB website. The workshop will provide training for life scientists and plant breeders enabling them to explore the wealth of genomic data contained in CerealsDB and related bioinformatics resources. The content examines the data repositories, resources and web tools available to explore and analyse wheat datasets and introduces the principles of web services for data integration and high-throughput programmatic access to CerealsDB. The course is expected to be of interest to early career plant breeders and researchers with an interest in wheat genomics. Travel expenses and accommodation will be provided for successful UK candidates.

Interested applicants should fill out the contact form below providing information on their background in wheat genomics and their eligibility for this course.

Applications are accepted via the CerealsDB website:


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