July 21 -
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
- 2019
Saskatoon, SK

Wheat Initiative workshop: How to make pre-breeding successful


The Expert Working Group on Wheat Breeding Methods and Strategies and the Expert Working Group on Global Wheat Germplasm Conservation and Use Community are organizing a workshop on the successful use of pre-breeding in wheat research and wheat breeding.

The workshop is part of the Wheat Initiative IWC satellite meetings and workshops https://bit.ly/2Ia9CHc


The Ex situ collections of wheat and related species held in gene banks can be highly valuable sources of genetic diversity. Nevertheless, the collections need to be managed securely, in a cost effective manner and made easily accessible by a broad range of users. Often, due to linkage drag and specific adaptation, efforts are required involving pre-breeding and applied breeding to appreciate the hidden value of these conserved materials. Several challenges need to be addressed to enable effective access and utilization of wheat genetic resources

  • How to best evaluate large numbers of wheat materials to identify the best ones for general or targeted purposes?
  • How to design the most efficient crossing schemes to efficiently introgress novel variation into more adapted materials?
  • How to improve efficiency of selection in pre-breeding derived progenies, e.g. by deployment of genomic markers or genomic selection?
  • Correlatively, which models and training population to use to achieve more accurate prediction with exotic materials?
  • Other you think about?



The workshop will comprise a plenary invited speaker, voluntary presentations from registered scientists, ample time for questions, discussion and sharing of ideas, reach conclusion and define actionable next steps for the EWGs. The aims will be to gather actors from public and private sectors currently involved in or planning to develop pre-breeding programs to discuss these challenges, identify possible solutions and possibly organize new cooperative efforts on the pre-breeding of wheat genetic resources.


All facts

Date/Time           21 July 2019, 09:30 am – 04:00 pm

Location              University of Saskatoon Campus, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Room                   TBA

WebEx access      Yes (TBA)


Provisional programme  

Sunday 21 July 2019

09:30 am Welcome coffee (if possible)

10:00 am – 01:00 pm


Chair T Payne &
G Charmet

Thomas Payne, CIMMYT, Mexico. Scene setting and the aims of the workshop

Introductory talks 20 minutes incl discussion

  • Albert W Schulthess, IPK Gatersleben Germany. GENEBANK2.0: A phenotype-centered strategy to leverage the usage of plant genetic resources for wheat breeding and research.
  • Patrick Thorwarth, U Hohenheim, Germany. Elaboration of strategies for pre-breeding on quantitative traits in wheat
  • Julie King, U Nottingham, UK. Something around introduction of new diversity for alien (distantly related) species?
  • Gilles Charmet, INRA, France. Genomic prediction for choosing crosses in pre-breeding programmes
  • Mary Guttieri, USDA, USA. Recurrent Selection Populations with Wheat’s Wild Relatives
  • Ahmed Amri, ICARDA, Morocco. Pre-breeding efforts in durum wheat at ICARDA
  • Jacob Lage, KWS, UK. Applied pre-breeding in the private sector
  • Sivakumar Sukumaran, CIMMYT, Mexico. Spring wheat pre-breeding for yield potential, drought and heat stress

01:00 pm – 02:00 pm Lunch



Chair G Charmet &
T Payne

Short voluntary presentations 5 minutes, e.g. to introduce questions, debate

Here I suggest to call for voluntary short presentations as you mentioned you did in CIMMYT

Depending on how many, say mas 1 hour


General discussion on the main issues in wheat pre-breeding (how to make it successful)

Consensus on lock-out and establishment of action plan(s) to leverage?

Other output of the Workshop

Wrap-up and bye-bye





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