Associated Programme: IWYP Annual Report

November 19 - 2018
United States

Welcome to the International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) 2017/18 Annual Report, describing the key activities and achievements that have been made during the last year by the entrepreneurial teams progressing the 30 Projects being carried out in over 50 laboratories in 12 countries. IWYP has continued to grow and progress its discoveries towards the delivery phases of its Program with increasing emphasis this year. We have conducted a 2nd Competitive Call for Research Proposals that resulted in grants being awarded to 6 new IWYP Research Projects. These new Projects bring in expertise that expands our Research Portfolio into new areas and/or bolsters existing areas of IWYP research that need additional attention. We also continue to attract world-renowned scientists to IWYP as part of the Aligned Projects initiative.


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