A Canadian Wheat Initiative

October 20 - 2016

A Canadian wheat research task group consisting of public and private researchers, public and private funders, producers, exporters, end-users and market development agencies, has proposed the development of a Canadian Wheat Research Strategy. The priorities identified for the strategy include: 1) Increase wheat yield potential (agronomy and genetics); 2) Improve wheat yield reliability (focused on biotic and abiotic stress); 3) Enhance cropping system sustainability by improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency and ensuring the agronomic fit of wheat in a crop rotation; 4) Continuous improvement in food safety; 5) Maintain quality to meet customer’s needs and to ensure access to markets; and there are overarching themes of integration and knowledge transfer. These priorities are aligned with the priorities of the Wheat Initiative. The Canadian Wheat Research Strategy will be an evergreen process that will be refined and measured annually so that the overall strategy is continually improved to best meet the evolving needs of the wheat industry. Additional information can be found at www.cerealsCanada.ca

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