Other databases

This section provides links to other online tools, databases and resources on wheat.

  • CIMMYT's Wheat Germplasm Bank
    FAOSTAT is the statistics division of the FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS. It provides a comprehensive range of data on production, trade, inputs forestry, prices, food security and much more. 
    The FieldBook is one of the apps developed for the One Handheld per Breeder initiative. The goal is to create a simple app that can be used by researchers to easily take notes on field research plots. 
  • International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN)
    IPPN Phenotyping Platforms
  • OpenWheatBlast
    Wheat blast is a fearsome fungal disease of wheat. It was first discovered in Paraná State of Brazil in 1985. Wheat blast was also detected in Kentucky, USA, in 2011 and in February 2016 it was spotted in Bangladesh. Wheat blast is caused by a fungus known as Magnaporthe oryzae although scientists are still debating its exact identity. To rapidly respond to this emergency, the OpenWheatBlast team is making genetic data for the wheat blast pathogen available via their website and is inviting others to do the same. 
  • USDA data and statistics
    The Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture provides key indicators, outlook analysis, and a wealth of data on the U.S. food and agricultural system.
    Wheat Atlas is an online portal to diverse information on wheat production, markets and research, with particular focus on the developing countries. The portal also offers data visualisation via maps and charts. 
  • WheatBP 
    WheatBP (Wheat, the big picture) provides background information on all aspects of wheat. 
  • WheatIS
    This project aims at building an International Wheat Information System, called hereafter WheatIS, to support the wheat research community. The main objective is to provide a single-access web base system to access to the available data resources and bioinformatics tools.